Our founder was born in London to Nigerian parents. He grew up surrounded by both British and African cultures. This unique upbringing inspired his passion for sharing the best of African culture with a global audience.


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We want to inspire Africans to express themselves authentically and provide them with a route to sell their products and services to the world.

Trust us to bring you authentic African products and stories from the continent.  

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Africa is full of innovation.

Through hard work and dedication, we will demand value for what Africa creates.

We are in awe of the trailblazers across the continent rediscovering old traditions and pushing the boundaries of what we think about Africa.

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Proud of our African heritage and excited for the future.

We travel the continent in search of the best. We go the extra mile, take risks and dream big.

We are proud to work with people who share our vision and are excited by what we can achieve together. Our dear customers, we have Africa's best interests at heart. 

Africa, to the world!