Value Africa's 2023 highlights: a closer look

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Value Africa's 2023 highlights: a closer look

Consumer sales – A 95% Surge:

Reflecting on 2023 we are most impressed by Value Africa’s 95% surge in revenue from consumer sales in 2023. We processed over 2,170 orders.

London stands out as the largest online market for Value Africa. Other notable markets we have served online include Hastings, Leicester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Marlow. Additionally, Value Africa has successfully catered to international customers, with shipments reaching New York and Los Angeles in the United States. 

Our reach extends beyond the online sales, with in-person events playing a crucial role in helping us to reach a diverse customer base. We love selling at local markets and have exhibited in Peckham and Brixton. We have also been seen at larger food and drink festivals such as Pub in the Park, BBC Good Food and National Geographic Food Festival.

2024 will see more investment in Value Africa engaging consumers directly. We exist to support customers discover Africa. We will continue to invest in events, collaborating with Britain’s best. You can expect more online storytelling, to help us connect with consumers organically.

Business sales - A 28% Increase:

Value Africa has increased revenue with businesses by an impressive 28%.

An exciting accomplishment was to list three of our products on the cocktail menu at Sketch’s The Gallery. We were proud to list Pedro’s Premium Ogogoro, Bayab’s Burnt Orange and Marula Gin and Aphro’s The Nubi, Pineapple Palm Spirit.

2024, will see us grow our wholesale offering. There is an opportunity for tremendous growth by working with wholesalers who can purchase larger quantities of our product who serve hundreds of outlets.

Products - A strategic mix

We rely on our African producers to innovate and create products which we import and share with UK customers. Value Africa's success is not only marked by increased sales but also the variety of products that we have.

We now have 25 products from 10 different brands. This includes South Africa’s Xwai rum and Reel Fruit from Nigeria.

In 2023 the following products have emerged as our frontrunners.

2024, will see us dive deeper into our relationships with existing suppliers. Our mix helps us attract a wide variety of customers. In 2023 we launched Value Africa curated box sets and Christmas hampers. We will continue with curated offerings which includes our exclusive best of Africa products helping people to celebrate occasions.

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